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Alleghany County (W4COV)

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Alleghany County (W4COV)
Hello everyone. I'm Terry KJ4TOZ from Covington, a member of the Virginia Mountain Amateur Radio Club W4COV.  We've only just begun playing with AREDN and are just beginning to get some nodes programmed. I'm afraid that the previous BBHN info is what most of us found first so we just have about a half dozen of the old WRT54 Linksys machines going now.  Conrad KG6JEI was kind enough to e-mail me from the old forum and redirect me here. The couple of us with workable Linksys nodes are putting our heads together now to decide how to proceed from here.

In talking with a few of them, I think we'll set up our current nodes as a tactical network. Now I've got a lot of studying to do on what equipment I need to invest in.  
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Welcome to AREDN!  Pick up a
Welcome to AREDN!  Pick up a Ubiquiti AirRouter for $40 if you want to play with AREDN.  It is roughly equivalent to the WRT54G (except it's high power, frequency agile, and much more sensitive).
Thanks, I'll look into those!
Thanks, I'll look into those!
Thanks for the welcome! I've
Thanks for the welcome! I've been looking around and I saw the list of equipment. I was curious if there were different serial numbers to be on the lookout for like there were with the olderLinkysys stuff. I'm hoping to get a few ubiquiti devices going and start learning the setup. I'm new to networking and trying to learn as I go.

I know they were dropped, but are there any major concerns with the Linksys stuff for small or personal use?
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Concerns over Linksys
Since the time this team was writing Linksys releases for the BBHN group, we have come across several critical security issues which have been corrected on AREDN, but have never been addressed on BBHN.  Use at your own risk.

Andre, K6AH
Understood! We'll only be
Understood! We'll only be using them in tactical situations or for basic contest server work at the moment. We're still discussing what steps to take to move toward the AREDN systems now. 
A Caution
When planning your mesh, you might want to review the restrictions for your area.  You're pretty close to the National Radio Quiet Zone, and I know those "big dish" boys get pretty possessive of the microwave spectrum in their area.  Good luck!! 73 de bill n7ie .. .
Thanks, I glanced around
Thanks, I glanced around online and couldn't find anything that was directly related to us at the distances we are from the Green Bank site. Most of the severe restrictions are in very close proximity to the sites and were mainly for long term or constant use such as a beacon. Intermittent use didn't seem to be an issue but we will look into it further as we go along. 

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