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Airrouters chokes on bigger tunnels

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Airrouters chokes on bigger tunnels

Yes, the Airrouter is not recommended for new deployments, but I've had them for some years now.  On SW versions 19 and, one of my Airrouters would "get stupid" on a tunnel with lots (about 120) of nodes on it. Maybe last half a day on average.  Then I'd have to power cycle it.  Maybe the Airrouter memory ran out?  So, as an experiment I moved the tunnel over to a Bullet, which is listed with the same amount of memory.  The Bullet is handling the same tunnel just fine.  (I swapped the node names of the Airrouter and the Bullet, and the tunnel didn't seem to care I did this swap).  Another Airrouter I have on a separate tunnel (no connection to the first tunnel, by request of the "admin" of the 2nd tunnel network) lasts longer before getting stupid, but this tunnel is about 1/6 the size (about 20 nodes) of the first tunnel.  I have a third independent tunnel (about 20 noddes) on a nanostatopn M900, which is also working fine.  I'm not sure how much memory it has.  It's MIMO, but I don't think that matters here. 

Is there a rule of thumb as to how much memory per node a tunnel consumes?  Or maybe it's X KB + Y per node?

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