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AirRouter with a USB jack, aredn support it?

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AirRouter with a USB jack, aredn support it?
My new Ubiquity AirRouter has a USB outlet on it, the Ubiquity docs say "for future use".  Will the aredn sw support it, maybe for thrumbdrives with "services" web pages and such? 
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Resolution set to fixed - by kg6jei,

so was it fixed by declaring it unimportant and deleting it?  Or was something added into the program to make it usable?
If it is the latter case - some hints about how to use it please?


The ticket resolution woul of
The ticket resolution woul of been set to invalid if it had been rejected.

i've added a few backannotations to the ticket that didn't make it in first time.
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to try usb

yes - it came up with regard to mesh chat. But as you point out, to run some non-arden code, you really should do that on a separate device.  Prior to mesh chat I am sure it came up in the context of supplying storage that might be used for native ARDEN functions - namely the little web server that is built-in (busybox). Using that you could do lots of things and not impact (much) on the memory available for the principle functions of the wireless router.

I found this:
The packages required to add usb storage to a generic OpenWRT install are included with the AREDN load.  But before I trash my airRouter I thought i would ask if these packages are compatible with the AREDN build and which file system package to use (kmod-fs-ext4 ?)



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I tried adding a USB drive to
I tried adding a USB drive to an OpenWRT router, but I couldn't get it to work.  I suspect I'm too much a novice here to understand it all, and probably didn't do a step everyone knowledgeable there would know... :-(
I see the ticket was closed.
I see the ticket was closed. However, on my airrouter, nothing changes in /dev when I plug in a flash drive. Is it just in the development version as of right now?
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Yes.   on the bloodhound

Yes.   on the bloodhound ticket, there should be a link to the source code changes made (when it is implemented and closed out).    While the source code changes may be a foreign language to the non-firmware developer, there will be a line that says what code branch the change was applied to.  In this case it says "develop" and "".  So yes it is on the nightly build branch and in the upcoming release called "".

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