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AirRouter HP Bricked: Recovery options not working

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AirRouter HP Bricked: Recovery options not working
I have an AirRouter HP which I've managed to brick from being too eager. I got an AdaFruit USB/TTL serial cable and have followed the recovery steps from but it's not booting.

The steps are all successful but the node doesn't complete the boot process. I tftp'd the XM 5.5 AirOS software onto the node with the urescue -f -e options and again with urescue (no options). I see the tftp process succeed in both the PC Command Line and PuTTY serial windows but the subsequent boots just hang in both cases.

I tried the AREDN software once too but that also didn't compete the boot although I was able to watch it install. That one ended up in a crash loop.

Board details from the serial window:
- XM Board Rev 1.1 e4b2
- UBoot
- DRAM 32 MB
- Flash 8 MB

I think the node must have had AirOS 5.6 on it originally. That was my original mistake, not checking it with the AREDN U-Boot checker. I got ahead of myself this time.

Does anyone have suggestions for next steps? Seems like I'm real close. It's that one simple thing I don't know, I think. This has been educational if nothing else!
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Recovery option
Hope this helps: I did the same and this worked but we need to document a bit better.

Denis KD1HA 
Great video: still no joy
This video was extremely helpful in getting me to the point where I could monitor the serial port. Unfortunately, the node isn't booting AirOS at the end of it all. Someone else supplied some step by step instructions on a site called Bloodhound which I used in conjunction with the video.

At the end of it all, the node doesn't boot. I think there's some simple step I must be missing or is missing from the instructions I've seen thus far. It's definitely been an education! I may have to chalk this one up to experience unless someone has the magic fix they can tell me.

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