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airRouter Firmware -


I have looked over the Forums about downgrading the firmware to v5.5.xXM my airRouter has v6.2.0XM.
The Ubiquity site does not have anything older than 5.6.15XM

I cannot find my original download tools from when I built my first nodes. Does anyone know where I can get v5.5.x XM firmware and the U-Boot test tool?
I am kind of stuck here. I have 9 of these units to prep for our ARES network... 
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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downgrading airrouter firmware

Why do you want to downgrade the OS?

The AirRouter has rather minimal resources and is an indoor rated device.
How are you using these devices in an ARES environment?



Installing AREDN firmware?

Do you want to downgrade AirOS so you can install AREDN firmware?  If so, that old install procedure was replaced several years ago.  Check out the latest docs for the easiest way to install AREDN firmware:

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