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AirRouter AR Channel Bug

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AirRouter AR Channel Bug

I just received an Air Router AR - Manufactured *1546G Test Date 11/11/15 XM Board

Installed AirOS 5.5.11, AREDN

It appears that the Channels are listed by frequency (14 of them starting with 2412 thru 2484 Mhz), not by Channel. Doesn't appear that Channel -2 (2397 Mhz) is an option.

TX Power Range available is 1 dBm - 27 dBm - I did try to run it up to 27dbm and apply, but it didn't seem to affect the received signal strength on another unit.


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Load AirOS back and provide

Load AirOS back and provide the file.  Sounds like a different board id.  If I recall correctly (can't check now, on a flight), we added the non-HP version of the AirRouter recently.  Ie.  In beta2

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The AirRouter (non-HP) board

The AirRouter (non-HP) board id is not in beta 01--to have proper settings.  I checked this in and will be in beta 02 coming out in "days", but don't quote me :) .


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