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AirGrid2.4g not taking new

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AirGrid2.4g not taking new

Have an AirGrid currently running that does not seem to want to accept

I've tried uploading directly to the node aredn- and it looks like it goes through the procedures but ultimately comes back online as   I have also tried aredn- as the UI page suggests that it is hardware type: (ar71xx/generic) ubnt (bullet-m). Same result as the 1st file.

Trying to upgrade via the UI built-in process gives me the same aredn- but that does not seem to go anywhere other that appearing to pause during a potential download, then reboot several minutes later with the same

I could TFTP something into it, but really don't want to brick it, as know I'm unsure what it should get as the download page would suggest an ar71xx based firmware but the node thinks it could be an ath79 based firmware.

Anyone?   Anyone?   Bueller?  Bueller?  

I will attach the supportdata if someone knowledgible can tell me what the proper firmware for this unit is.

Thanks in advance!


Support File Attachment: 
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AirGrid2.4g not taking new

aredn- seems to be the correct firmware.
If this is a [legacy] 32 MB RAM device, it will be reluctant to accept this new firmware.
I have found that it may take several attempts to load the newer firmware on legacy 32 MB RAM devices.
Persistence may 'pay-off'.
I hope this helps,

Guidelines for upgrading low-memory nodes

Here are some guidelines for upgrading older low-memory devices:

Be sure to remove any extra packages and reboot immediately before doing the upgrade.​

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