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Airgrid 27db and 23db

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Airgrid 27db and 23db

Hi, I decided to flash three Airgrid antennas that I don't use with the aredn firmware.
I would like, however, to select the 40 mhz mode from the graphic menu and maybe also the mesh mode in addition to the ad-hoc mode.
Is it possible to make a patch for this?

Thank you....
Franco IK6JN

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Franco,  the distances

Franco,  the distances typically used with an AirGrid, 10km and more, have been found to have better thoughput on 20Mhz or smaller bandwidth.   The most common channel width in use is 10Mhz because it has the best thoughput for the typical distances in use.     40Mhz isn't an option, because it wasn't believed anyone would end up using it.  But you can manually modify the config file to try it out.

802.11s mesh mode would be in consideration with a change of OLSRv1 to OLSRv2 or BATMAN-adv.   Such a change makes an AREDN node incompatible with prior firmware versions.   It means groups have to upgrade all the devices on their network all at the same time, can be 100s of nodes to coordinate.  We wouldn't roll out an incompatible change unless the benefit was significant to do so.  The idea of AREDN is, anyone can power on the device and it will work and join the network.   We avoid settings that break this compatibility.



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