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Air Router TFTP Failure

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Air Router TFTP Failure

Have some Air Routers that won't TFTP flash for some reason.
I've followed the instructions from the site and the pdf file (reset button, tftp.exe -i 192.....) and also tried the tftp2 program I used when doing AR units a couple years ago.
I can ping the units at
The programs do seem to be attempting, and the AR 1-3 2-4 lights flash speed slows down as if it's working on something but no go.
tftp.exe gives "error code 0, timeout expired, retries expired", and tftp2 says "unable to get response from the server".

I also found this post :
I did get the version to load on 2 units, but I didn't check their os version before flashing, so maybe they were different.
Firmware version on the failed units is XM v6.3.2

Am I'm missing something, like I need to use a specific lan/wan port, or maybe there's a password now, or firmware bug?
This is not the absolute newest firmware, 6.3.2 is July 2020, 6.35 is July 2021; maybe upgrading will fix it?
Any other ideas?


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Can you show us the full TFTP
Can you show us the full TFTP string you are sending to the router and are you using a dumb switch between the AirRouter and computer? The computer running static mode? I know this is basic but it is easy to overlook!

Been rather busy, sorry for

Been rather busy, sorry for the delay.

It is a dumb switch and static IP.
The string is exactly as listed on the instructions
In fact, I was using the up arrow to repeat the previous command in the dos window, so it did work on a couple units, just not all of them.
All were attempted with the version, though some were tried with the latest version before I found that thread.
All units would answer ping.
It is the factory image.

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I seems that you are doing
I seems that you are doing everything correctly but I may add that I have had an AirRouter (I have 5-6 of them) not respond to but did to it a try. Also try not using the dumb switch as I just did on a NanoStation M5 XW. It would not load with it in line. Go figure! 


I've tried :
I've tried : and with and without dumb switch
updating one to the latest firmware via the web interface, then aredn tftp
found info at openwrt wiki saying to use the wan port
found something at ubuquiti saying to use computer ip of (was on airmax page, but what the hell?)
found something at ubuquiti saying to use computer ip of and gateway of (was on unifi page, but what the hell?)
tried using third party tftp and win7 tftp clients (win7 client says timeout occured connect request failed)
tried to tftp official ubuquiti firmware latest version

All total failure for some reason. (Granted, I only tried this on 2 of the problem cases, but not really expecting much from the rest given the above)
I'm out of ideas.

Only wanted 3-4 more units, and ebay had a deal for 9 for $70; only got 2 to work.
Not such a good deal, I guess.
They all appear to work normally and I can log into them all, so maybe I'll just sell them off and get a couple ar150 or ar300, unless anyone has any other ideas.

I sent a support ticket to
I sent a support ticket to ubiquiti to see if they hvae any ideas.
I realise it's listed under 'legacy' products, but they did just release new firmware a month ago, so maybe I'll get some answers.

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