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Aeronautical Mobile AREDN Node - sUAS/Drone

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Aeronautical Mobile AREDN Node - sUAS/Drone
Video I made testing the concept of aeronautical AREDN nodes with drone.

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Great experiment
A really great video - thanks Hank!. 
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Cool video.
Cool video!
And I would agree that antenna improvements are the way to make it work better.
thanks for sharing
I was searching through ARDEN forums for such content. I am building a fixed wing drone from scratch and wish to use a ARDEN mesh node as a high speed data link. I have experimented with hsmm-pi and a few other technologies. HSMM-PI is still causing me problems at this time, but i think having a mesh net is really the way to go. thanks again. youtube subscribed to your channel for several years now, just now found ya on this forum!
Did you build your drone with
Did you build your drone with the node inside? I'm running a router, a TBeam, an X1C5 digipeater on my MFE Freeman. I get just under 2 hours of flight time so it can fly up over our SAR operation and provide location and mesh services to over the hills.

We've used it for a coupple of exercises and trainings but not a live search yet. We are still building the SOP and training folks.

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