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Adaptation for ZoneFlex ZF7762-S

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Adaptation for ZoneFlex ZF7762-S

Forum members,

I have a ZoneFlex ZF7762-S that I'd like to use for AREDN. Now, there was conversation on the OpenWRT forum a while ago about this ZoneFlex device in particularity, but basically other than some basic discussion it went nowhere. However, reading there you can find what was discussed.

Follows hereupon a link on Dev Wiki about the device, which instantiates the fact that the device indeed uses an Atheros chipset. I know that the device uses Linux to run the current firmware that the manufacturer provides. That said, I presume I would have to open my device and see where I can get serial access to it (I am guessing the device has that, just the connection point is clearly not externalized, though that is an easy modification). Adding serial port access would of course impel me to assure that I did so in a way so as not to depreciate the resistance to water and elements the device has currently (as designed).

It is also worthy to consider the RAM footprint of the device, as I have no idea how much RAM he comes with. Moreover, I do not know what the minimum RAM footprint for running the AREDN firmware even is. It would also be nice to figure out how to get a standard OpenWRT running on the ZoneFlex as well.

Looking at the device it has several external antenna ports, an internal antenna, multiple Ethernet ports (2), can run on 12V or POE, etc... it has many features I think would be great for this application. I can get another one too and it could be interesting to have one in my Ford Explorer as a "mobile node" running off 12V as well as one at home.

I also was looking at the Rocket M5 units and saw a note stating that the GPS models are not supported. Is that still true or has support been added and the web page is behind in updates? I am also unclear on if the webpage meant to suggest that Rocket M5 (with GPS) will work properly using AREDN firmware and it is just warning would be users that the GPS will not be supported within the AREDN firmware. How difficult might it be to add support (so the router could get its time from the GPS feed and report its location)?

Now, if I could get a firmware build environment going for both the ZoneFlex and the Rocket M5, I might try to add some code to the project for supporting the GPS function on the M5 if it has not yet already been done.

Thanks in advance.


Stuart, N3GWG

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