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Active Stations NW England

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Active Stations NW England
Rochdale and District Amateur Radio Society members running active nodes are as follows.
G7DNM Eddie Lower Darwen IO83SR
M0TCO Tom Rochdale IO83WO
M0ICS Carl Castleton
All on 2.4Ghz channel -2 10Mhz
Early days yet but there is a functioning mesh webserver and email server incorporating instant messaging currently testing. Voip with video calling to follow shortly. USB over IP also testing at the moment.
If anyone would like to get involved in or around any of these locations then please drop a message in the forum.
The more the merrier.
Eddie de G7DNM
Another active node added to the mesh NW England.

Another Node is now active in the form of Laurence M0LDZ locate near Norden Lancashire IO83VP running a Nanostation facing SE towards Rochdale/Oldham direction. Also the Rochdale and District Amateur Radio Society (RADARS) Website is now on the mesh "Radars-Webserver.local.mesh".

Eddie de G7DNM

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Nanostation M2 going live

Nanostation M2 going live soon in Farington Nr Leyland. Central Lancs Raynet test node.

Node in East Manchester

Hi there,

How did the expansion of NW nodes go?  I'm just playing with a few nodes using AR-150-Ext units and they seem to work OK, albeit low power and only on the factory supplied antennas.  I have a couple of VOIP phones at the moment, just trying out to see what's possible.

Ideally I'll be able to get my club (SRS) involved in this, but it's early days at the moment.

* Edit - apologies, probably should have said that I'm in IO83WL*

Dave (G2DS).

Very belated reply.

Hi Dave.
As you will have gathered none of us have been active with Aredn or anything else radio related for some time for a multitude of reasons, Covid being the biggest as our club has not been able to meet all year.
However, we are now trying to right that wrong.
Currently we have nodes located in Darwen and the Rochdale areas.
On the Rochdale side 3 are RF linked, and the outlying Darwen station is linked by tunnel.
We have a proposal for a remote node in a VERY elevated site overlooking Manchester/Rochdale which could expand our reach significantly. Maybe even as far as to you with the right kit at your side. Our best distance under test being around 16 miles so far. I notice you are on the Aredn map with the dongles which are great for experimenting at short range and as a link to outdoor elevated nodes for longer distance work.
For good distance and decent data rate we have found that  ubuquiti nanostations are very hard to beat and are fairly inexpensive.
We have successfully used voip using android devices over Aredn and also live streaming video.
Currently I am looking into operating Allstar hubs over Aredn which would enable voice comms using only fm radios.
Also controlling remote usb devices over Aredn is also being experimented with.
If you are still interested in Aredn then perhaps we can have a chat at some point and maybe drum up a little entusiasm for this in the Northwest as I am sure there is much that could be done if we all had a gentle nudge.
It is possible for you to connect to our nodes remotely via our tunnel if you would like to try that aspect.
If you would like to try it I can give you password to do that.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards
Eddie de G7DNM


AREDN in the North-West of England
Hi Eddie,

That sounds interesting, we should have a chat sometime.  I agree that Covid has made things hard work for people, including developing these systems or perhaps even having the funds to do it.

I've been developing the idea of VOIP over Mesh and have a couple of phones running on a LAN with a raspbx but yet to move it onto the AREDN.

I've used the Ubiquiti kit before and I agree that it's good stuff.

Dave (G2DS).
Hi Dave.

Agreed, we should have a chat about it sometime.
Aredn is a very interesting prospect given that almost everything is digital these days, therefore can be sent over Aredn.
I started looking into DMR over Aredn which is possible but I think  some find DMR a bit of a steep learning curve and the need to have new radios puts some people off. To that end I have changed tack a bit by looking into setting up Allstar over Aredn as this allows the use of existing analogue FM equipment that people already own and gives th ability to connect worlwide if required.
Allstar is basically Raspbx so is on the same lines as the stuff you are already familiar with.
Just something to think about at the moment but looks promising.
I am usually on the RADARS club net most Fridays after 8.30pm on 145.3875 FM which you should be able to hear from your QTH so please drop in if you get a chance. One or two of the other Aredn lads are often on there.
Tom M0TCO in particular has active nodes and is usually on air.

Eddie de G7DNM


New connectivity.
Hi Dave.
A bit of news for you in that our mesh island is no longer an island at all.
Thanks to Ruud PE1BTV, we now have a connection to the wider mesh including GM, VE, PA, USA , ZL to name just a few.
There are over 100 available nodes some with voip, DMR hotspots, BBS servers etc etc.
If you install the tunnel client on one of your nodes that has an internet connection, I can give you a connection to our tunnel server to allow you access to the wider mesh until it is possible to make an RF mesh connection in the future.
Let me know if this is of interest to you and if so I can set you up on the system and give you a password to log on with.
This could perhaps be the trigger you have looking for to generate a little more interest in Aredn amongst other club members.

Best regards
Eddie de G7DNM
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Hi all in the North West. Steve here G4EKM in the North East. We have set up a group looking at meshing the NE area. Currently all connected to tunnel then through to Rudi for the wider mesh.
We have various services running, cams, voip via raspbx, meshchat, wiki and email.
We have just started to try the RF links since lockdown has been lifted slightly. Currently had a 4km link working but we are looking to get 3rd party organizations to host nodes on their highspots.  I have spend a lot of time computer modelling the paths as IT is my business.
 I am also looking at getting a NOV GB7NED but its been with Ofcom for over a month. All of this is on 5.8GHZ chan 165 at 10Mhz bandwidth
Steve G4EKM

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