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Active Stations NW England

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Active Stations NW England
Rochdale and District Amateur Radio Society members running active nodes are as follows.
G7DNM Eddie Lower Darwen IO83SR
M0TCO Tom Rochdale IO83WO
M0ICS Carl Castleton
All on 2.4Ghz channel -2 10Mhz
Early days yet but there is a functioning mesh webserver and email server incorporating instant messaging currently testing. Voip with video calling to follow shortly. USB over IP also testing at the moment.
If anyone would like to get involved in or around any of these locations then please drop a message in the forum.
The more the merrier.
Eddie de G7DNM
Another active node added to the mesh NW England.

Another Node is now active in the form of Laurence M0LDZ locate near Norden Lancashire IO83VP running a Nanostation facing SE towards Rochdale/Oldham direction. Also the Rochdale and District Amateur Radio Society (RADARS) Website is now on the mesh "Radars-Webserver.local.mesh".

Eddie de G7DNM

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Nanostation M2 going live

Nanostation M2 going live soon in Farington Nr Leyland. Central Lancs Raynet test node.

Node in East Manchester

Hi there,

How did the expansion of NW nodes go?  I'm just playing with a few nodes using AR-150-Ext units and they seem to work OK, albeit low power and only on the factory supplied antennas.  I have a couple of VOIP phones at the moment, just trying out to see what's possible.

Ideally I'll be able to get my club (SRS) involved in this, but it's early days at the moment.

* Edit - apologies, probably should have said that I'm in IO83WL*

Dave (G2DS).

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