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Accessing to a Synology NAS files & services from AREDN mesh ? [Solved]

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Accessing to a Synology NAS files & services from AREDN mesh ? [Solved]

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to connect a Synology NAS to a port (2, 3 or 4) of a Mikrotik hAP ac Lite so that it is accessible via the mesh?

The idea would be to share files or use NAS services, such as the FTP server.

I tried, the NAS is accessible from my PC connected by wifi to the hAP, with an IP address given by the hAP, but from another mesh station connected by tunnel, it is not accessible.

From another computer, wich can access my Mikrotik hAP through his IP address, the NAS is not reachable:

Any suggestion ?

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Can you ping it?

Can the external station ping the NAS at  File transfers are normally handled as SCP on the MESH devices, wonder if you can change the type of server just to test?  I'm thinking that it "should" work as advertised.

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Thank you for the question:

Thank you for the question: yes he can ping ! So I thinked there was a network configuration problem. I found a problem with gateways order

The NAS is connected at LAN port 1 with my home network and at LAN port 2 to the Mikrotik hAP. The order was
1. gateway LAN 1
2. gateway LAN 2
I inverted and now the NAS is reachable from another location in the mesh :-)

Thank you !

Is the NAS listed as a

Is the NAS listed as a service on the hosting hAP? With out the service listed I don't think traffic passes from the WAN to LAN unless you go to advance settings and enable that.

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