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Access to higher tech hardware

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Access to higher tech hardware


I've been following AREDN for some time now and we are now testing AREDN nodes in our area.  I've noticed that the manufacturers like Ubiquity have been moving to newer technology on their devices and it appears that the equipment we've been using is being phased out and getting hard to find.

Is AREDN working to qualify/develop firmware for the more advanced devices like the GEN 2 Powerbeam devices that have been released??

Jeff Moore  --  KE7ACY
Bend, Oregon

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We're waiting on drivers

Yes we are.  We are waiting on drivers to become available for these devices.  They all run 802.11ac and the drivers we current have available only support up through 802.11n.  We are hoping to have them for use early in the 4th quarter..

Andre, K6AH

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