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Access to Blue Iris cam on MeSH from the Internet

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Access to Blue Iris cam on MeSH from the Internet

I have Blue IRIS running on my laptop, MESH connected To a Ubiquiti UVC G3 camera.  Works fine and my Android BI app can see the camera on WIFI.

For internet I have a WISP in BRIDGE mode, followed by a part 15 router, followed by my MESH nodes, then my laptop.
I have port forwarded port 80 in the Part 15 router to my laptop (where BI is running).

I have a NO-IP of KC8RGO.DDNS.NET.  In my browser, a reference to KC8RGO.DDNS.NET takes me to the sign in page on my part 15 router, and KC8RGO.DDNS.NET:80 does the same.

I expect that I need KC8RGO.DDNS.NET:XX/YYYY/ZZZ or somthing, but have no clue on XXX, YYYY, or ZZZ.


Thanks - Vance - KC8RGO

1)  If your router has an

1)  If your router has an interface on port 80 (like it sounds like it does) there is a chance you can’t forward port 80 to an internal PC because the web interface will be given priority.

2) Your ISP May end up filtering port 80 as well inbound just a FYI.

3) If your laptop is behind the mesh node (pc-mesh node-Part 15 router-internet) you will also need a WAN TO LAB port forward on the mesh node.

4) If your testing from on your local Lan you can also end up with a situation where your router doesn’t loop back the traffic so that you can actually only test this from a remote connection (like a cell phone not on your home WiFi.) 

Thank you, will try some

Thank you, will try some changes.  If I change the port to 8181, would I then use KC8RGO.DDNS.NET:8181?

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yes.  when port forwarding,

yes.  when port forwarding, you should be able to have a different external port (ie.  28181) that forwards to a different internal port (ie. 80, or 8181)


Conrad, Darryl (and the rest of AREDN development team). a BIG THANK YOU for your quick response to my questions!!
I now have my Blue Iris working with my MESH, I-net, cell phone!!
I would have been many, many days to figure out what you helped me solve in a couple of hours.


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