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Ability to reinstall RouterOS on Mikrotik devices

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Ability to reinstall RouterOS on Mikrotik devices
No one has investigated, that I know of, the ability to reinstall RouterOS on a MikroTik device.   I've not researched sufficiently to know if the RouterOS license must be saved on a device prior to overwriting flash with AREDN firmware.    The instructions to save this license is documented on the OpenWrt common Mikrotik procedures page:

Anyone tried to reload RouterOS and had success/failure?

Works fine. Just use Netinstall as normal. The license it comes with is unaffected. Ian
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I can second that
sort of... it was not AREDN firmware, but I have gone back and forth between OpenWRT and RouterOS on an old RouterBoard 450G. I never saved the RouterOS license info, I learned about doing that after the fact, but never had any issues anyways so forgot about it.

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