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8 port VLAN capable switch, etc

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8 port VLAN capable switch, etc

We can't be the first to address this.

We are planning on running 3 sectorized antennas and 3 Rocket M5's at one site. Of course, we also want battery backup for it all, including the switch, right?

We'd prefer an 8 port, at least 4 of which are POE, VLAN capable and can run on 24 VDC. As the radios are Ubiquiti, of course our POE has to be 24 VDC maximum. A quick search only seems to turn up Netgear stuff, which is 48 VDC

What's out there?

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Mikrotik RB260GSP
Only 5 ports, but otherwise meet your desire.  I know it will power a rocket - I am powering three of them with one of these.
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Mikrotik CRS112_8P_4S_IN
Want to go for more ports.  Eight POE ports plus four SFPs.
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Ubiquiti Edgswitches

The Ubiquiti Edgeswitches do run on 48V (or 115 VAC), but each port can be POE - either 24 or 48V POE.  We use an 8-port one at a local site.  I have it on 115 VAC, plus a 12V - 48V inverter for backup power in case of site failure.   That one has been up 137 days.

Orv W6BI

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