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60 GHZ

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60 GHZ

Ubiquiti and Mikrotik have radios on 60 GHZ   the Mikrotik is priced around $100    both are rated for a max distance of 1.5km

Ubiquiti has a high powered version rated for 12.5km, but currently unavailable.

anyone have any info or experience with these?


Richard     ko0ooo

They work

I have used the MikroTik non-dish version to around 125m and some Siklu's to 700m. They both work fine. The MikroTik blew the doors off 5Ghz used at the same special event as far as stability and packet latency. While is there is alignment on the dishes, the AP/panel style are phased array antennas which are auto-aligning which is cool. They just have to point "that way" and that's good enough. Some things to keep in mind, line of sight MUST be perfectly clear no questions, and the RF fades very rapidly due to O2 absortion in the air. That "12.5km" is interesting but that distance is really pushing it in my opinion. I've run 70/80Ghz units out to 3 miles normally excellent but yes there is rain fade. Also used a Ubnt 24GHz at 9mi with about the same results--thunderstorms w/hail took them all off the air.

The best use case for these are building-to-building links, municipal pole to pole, and temporary shots at special events, stuff like that. Perhaps between bunkers at repeater sites where there might not be underground conduit. No need to try to run AREDN code on these. Just treat them as a DtD link. With a proper install they do really give you a gigabit link!

thanks for the info...

thanks for the info...

Richard    ko0ooo

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