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5.9Ghz Unlicensed in USA

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5.9Ghz Unlicensed in USA

I just came across an article stating that FCC just made 5.85 to 5.925 Ghz unlicensed for wifi use. It's not good news. I wonder if ISED (Canadian FCC) will follow.

It is worst... https://www.ic

It is worst...

Good point is that nothing is set yet and that RAC is aware of this and brought the issue in front of the IARU for further actions and will take actions at the ISED level also. But sadly if we do not get into that spectrum and show some use of it, we might well lose or at least take more noise.

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I'm in the process of getting

I'm in the process of getting equipment set up for a large local school district and hopefully my city... All using channels 170+. Hopefully this won't cause problems. Can we avoid some of the trouble by staying at 10 MHz channel width?

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