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5-in-1 Portable WAN devices

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5-in-1 Portable WAN devices

I just became aware of these 5-in-1 devices that contain Large amounts of storage (64GB +) as well as Battery, SD Reader Ports, Ethernet WAN ports and Wi-Fi bridge capability.  I'm looking at the Kingston MLWG2  - MLWG3/64 Pro family and similar devices.  Thinking that possibly these could connect a portable Cellular Wi-Fi Hotspot to an AREDN network.

The AirRouter AR runs off 5 Volts, so one of these devices could even conceivably power the AirRouter, Supply Internet, Host File Storage, etc.  All in a portable package if needed, running totally self-contained.  Would be a great way to set up an emergency communications community in a heartbeat. I haven't run a power analysis on the AirRouter AR (yet).

Any suggestions on experience with these devices and whether they can "supply" internet out of the Ethernet WAN port, effectively bridging a portable hot spot via Wi-Fi back out the Ethernet WAN port.


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Did you end up testing this

Did you end up testing this device?  Any findings?

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Kingston 64GB 5-in-1

I did get the Kingston unit - cost around $100 or so.  It performs as advertised.  Waiting for USB support on the AirRouter for file sharing. Unfortunately, I don't believe it will take internet from Wi-Fi and port it our the Ethernet jack.  Works the other way around though.  We have taken some old WRT-54G units and installed DD-WRT to perform that function.

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Tom, if you are running a

Tom, if you are running a nightly build....
there is a package "airrouterusb 1.0.0-2"

try it.

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