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3GHz band Amateur Allocation

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3GHz band Amateur Allocation

Here's a relevant FCC document dated Feb 24, 2021:

Read from page ~55, this section -- Continued Operation of Amateur Stations in Part of the 3.3-3.45 GHz Band.

Key Summary:
"We therefore allow secondary amateur operations to continue in the 3400-3450 MHz portion of the band. We emphasize, however, that amateur licensees remain secondary users, and those that operate on frequencies close to the 3450 MHz band edge must do so with particular caution to avoid causing harmful interference to flexible-use licensees in the 3.45 GHz Service, which hold primary status."

5G operators wanted a ~50MHz guard band, but the FCC and other players disagreed and determined Amateur Radio could continue to operate up to 3450.   This means several AREDN channels in the selection today will no longer be in compliance in the US.  When?:

 "amateur operations between 3450 MHz and 3500 MHz must cease within 90 days of the public notice announcing the close of the auction for the 3.45 GHz Service"

What about 3.3 to 3.45Mhz?:
"amateur operations may continue between 3300 MHz and 3450 MHz while the Commission, NTIA, and the DoD continue to analyze whether that spectrum can be reallocated for commercial wireless use"

How long?  Anybody's guess...


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International 3GHz Band Allocation?

Anyone researched or have a summary of the Amateur Radio Allocations globally?    3GHz commercial devices used by AREDN firmware or older Ubiquiti models.   This hardware is increasingly more difficult to source.   If commercial 802.11 hardware is created in the future for this 3.45+ space, it may offer more options.   But what allocations Internationally have interest and could use?


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Amateur Operation in 3.45 – 3.5 GHz Segment Must Cease by 4/14

Just in from the ARRL... Amateur Operation in 3.45 – 3.5 GHz Segment Must Cease by April 14, 2022,  See their article at:

Andre, K6AH

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