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3.4 GHz Discussion

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3.4 GHz Discussion

Great news!  Amateur secondary use is being allowed to continue throughout the 3.3-3.45 GHz band indefinitely, pending future FCC action.  This decision is great news considering the FCC’s original proposal in December, 2019, was to clear amateurs out of the entire band immediately.  Consistent with our secondary status, amateurs must ensure that signals are enough below 3.45 GHz so as to not cause harmful interference to the new commercial operators when they come on line, as well to protect federal government operations throughout the band.
As far as the 3.45-3.50 GHz segment, Amateur secondary operations must cease 90 days after Public Notice that the auction for that spectrum has closed.  ARRL’s FCC Counsel estimates the final cessation date to be in early 2022, so we likely have just under a year of transition time on that segment.

The AREDN Project Core Team will participate in band plan discussions with groups representing other Amateur interests. Look to this thread for updates and discussion.

Andre, K6AH

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This is great news. My fingers are crossed.
I was going to use some NanoBridge M3's to set up a 3-way link on our network to connect some 5GHz nodes. 
I was hoping I didn't have to sell them on eBay for half the price I bought them for ;-)

-Damon K9CQB
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Thanks for the update Andre!

Thanks for the update Andre and Ken!

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Great news / Suggest update home page

Great news, and thanks for the graphic. I'd suggest laying that new band layout in over the old one in the rotating images on the "home" page.

- Don - AA7AU

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