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NM7B - Link light on even when no link

I don't know if this has been reported, but on several of my Ubiquiti node models, the red/center link-established light illuminates even when there is no active link, including when there is no signal being received.  I've seen this on at least my Nanostation M5s, and possibly my Rocket M5s.   

Thank you!

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submit an issue on github for

submit an issue on github for this.   A supportdata file attached would be helpful as well from your device(s)

Issue #468 filed, but unable to attached .tgz files

I submitted issue #468 (, but was unable to attach the .tgz support files.  I have two sets, one using and one with nightly build 7/28/2022.  

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If you are not on the nightly

If you are not on the newer nightly builds, just rename the .tgz file to .zip and upload.  (the new nightlies default to .zip)


Github accepted the files once I did the rename.   Thanks, Darryl!

Blinking link light is a new feature

The blinking link light is a newly-introduced feature, to indicate that the node is ready, but not linked.  The light will illuminate steadily at first, but after a minute or two, if no link is established, the light will begin to blink, three seconds on and three seconds off.  

I have followed up and recommended closing my sighting. 

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