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   What was the bug, improvements, and changes that are associated with  I see no change file?

Change file due shortly

The Change file is due shortly. There were several bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as some new devices supported. Big upgrade to OpenWRT foundation 19.07.7

From my perspective here are some key features.
o Fix SNR graph issue with spikes to zero
o Extend 5ghz channel range from 133 down to 131
o Add "Local Alerts" feature
o Add sliders and execute buttons to some Advanced Configuration controls
o Add ability to block selected LAN devices from DNS propagation
o Add DNS aliases capability
o Add custom download paths in Advanced Configuration
o Update command line login banner

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Updating Rocket-M5-XW not showing up

When trying to upgrade from the web interface on my rocket M5 XW it is not seeing the latest update. My standard Rocket M5 see's the update and I was able to upgrade without issue.

Non working hardware = hardware type: (ar71xx/generic) ubnt (rocket-m-xw)
Working hardware= hardware type: (ath79/generic) ubnt (rocket-m)

Thanks for looking..

73 Bill NG1P

Couple of questions

Were the Rockets running different firmware versions before the upgrade attempt?
Have you tried "Method #3" in this video to get firmware directly from your computer to each node?

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Same version on both. I have

Same version on both. I have upgraded 2 Rocket M5's non XW and that worked fine. So far using the web interface has not worked on GL-AR150. The USB150 and not working on a Nanostation M5 and the Rocket XW. I wonder if the updated firmware is placed right on the server at this link:

I like to be safe as that one Rocket XW is at 250 feet and it not easy to unbrick it :)

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Thank you. I have four nodes

Thank you. I have four nodes including a USB150 that had no problems with the upgrades.  One node is running MeshChat and POE pass through. All is GOOD.

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Are you trying to download

Are you trying to download the firmware "live" from the internet during the upgrade or did you download the firmware files from the website to your PC an then use the PC to upload the firmware?  I have ALWAYS downloaded the files to my PC under the assumption that the node will not have internet access.  I had no trouble upgrading several Rocket XW nodes, and a USB150.
Note the the page you linked has all the files for all the nodes you mentioned.

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I have ALWAYS downloaded the files to my PC

Then uploaded them via the /admin 'Firmware Update'.

3s, Chuck

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From the internet

Yes from the internet. This morning it worked fine. Not sure what was going on yesterday,

Thnak you

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Glad you got it working.

Glad you got it working.

My opinion here.  Always assume that the node does not have an internet connection, and download the files to your PC.  Then upload them from there.  This particularly makes sense if you have multiple nodes that use the same software.  For example, I have six Rocket XM nodes.  Does not make sense to fetch that from the AREDN site six times.

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I am still working thru the "

I am still working thru the ".list" files that allow you automatically download from the node (if you have internet access).   I completed all the Mikrotik and some of the UBNT files yesterday.   Still have a few UBNT and all the TPLink files to get thru.

(Thinking thru how to fully automate the generation of these.   It is complicated with the having two architectures (ar71xx and ath79) and the migration between them.)


Thanks for all your hard work

Darryl K5DLQ, thanks for all your hard work!  People probably don't realize everything that needs to be done in order to put out a Stable Release of the firmware.  Most of the tasks require manual effort, getting all the picky little details correct.  All of us really appreciate everything you do as a volunteer so that we can benefit from the results!. THANKS!

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Thanks for all your hard work, congratulations and many, many thanks to AREDN team for the new stable version.

Best regards from Argentina.

Mario, LU4EOU

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Thanks for all your hard work +1

My hearty thanks and compliments as well,

- Don - AA7AU

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