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AB8XA - No public WiFi Scan ?

Why does WiFi Scan on the main node page now require a username and password? 

Unless I missed it, I didn't see that in the Release Notes.

This limits our ability to help new meshers without asking for their password.

If this is going to continue, shouldn't that button be moved to the setup or admin page?


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AB8XA,  The wifi scan button
AB8XA,  The wifi scan button triggers RF emissions up and down the channels of the band.   It means the control operator of the device no longer has limited the emissions to the assigned channel and gives up control of the emissions to other mesh users.    A scan, for example, will trigger emissions in the 5GHz band to interfere with a nearby Doppler Radar system in the local area, should there be one.   AREDN, historically, has not dynamically detected radar pulses in these "DFS" channels and will not prevent emissions like a home wifi Access Point would.

Consequently, due to an abundance of caution, the password access for the node owner was added.   Yes, this should have been included in the release notes.  I think we may be able to still do so...   

Technically, there is a way to edit a file on the node and comment out a line to disable the password access, but let's not publish this openly.   If your area does not have a Doppler Radar and you as a node admin trust your fellow mesh users  -- you own part 97 compliance of the node -- there is a way to turn this off.  I could be approached to discuss options with node admins separately.   ...or one could dig though github to find the code change that enabled password access.


Thank you

Thanks, Joe. I understand and appreciate that.

WiFi uses Dynamic Frequency
WiFi uses Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) ... the question is about this function, DFS, whether it works with the AREDN MESH firmware ... especially on the 5.8 GHz devices. WHY: can a mobile AREDN station automatically join a network if its 5.8 GHz device is not on the correct frequency?
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Since this post, the AREDN
Since this post, the AREDN firmware was updated such that wifi scan is now passive.  Thus it only listens and reports what it hears, and no longer sends out a query transmission on each channel to solicit responses.  

The AREDN firmware is configured to use 802.11n ad-hoc mode ( verses Access Point or Client of an AP).   AREDN firmware is using a custom regulatory setting that does not do DFS (meaning radar signals are not detected and no action is taken).   The radio operator, common to ham radio, is responsible for compliance.   The AREDN radios on both ends, to connect and link up, must be set to the same channel, channel width, and SSID.


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