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Added Latitude and Longitude.   hit save(only) and it re-booted many times.  when it came up finally and i got in(localhost:8080)  the Latitude and Longitude were now blank.  But it stayed up.
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Be sure to "Apply Location Settings"
You must hit the "Apply Location Settings" in the Optional Settings area.  No need to Save or Reboot that I know of.
Apply Location Settings
Applied Location settings as you said and it is correct now.
Not sure why is was re-booting but it is not doing that anymore.
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Tunnel shutdown before system upgrade? Wi-Fi Scans password
Hi Folks!
What is the rationale for requiring this?  I was contemplating linking two of my networks via a tunnel and if I do that, then upgrades will require a drive.  Also, has there been any discussion of the quantified overhead of Wi-Fi scans?  I understand the rationale, but am curious about the actual load of those scans and their impact on other traffic.  I'm also wondering if we might consider packaging features such as these into separate password protected groups for different user segments?
Gordon Beattie, W2TTT 

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Tunnel Shutdown for upgrades - Automatic OTA Tunnel Upgrade
Do you have a computer at the remote location?  I have performed a lot of my remote tunnel client (and a few server) upgrades by controlling the node with a computer at the node location. The Node will still pass internet to the computer even with Tunnel turned off.  Of course I have floated the idea of "automatic" tunnel node upgrades - it would be the next evolution of OTA upgrades, except taking it one step further by having the upgrade procedure automatically remove the tunnel module and then re-install it after an OTA upgrade is completed.  What say AREDN Development gurus???  New Feature request???

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