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al1q upgrade not taking on AirRouter
Good evening!

I'm trying to upgrade the firmware on an AirRouter, from o, but it keeps on failing.  This happens when using the firmware upgrade in the Administration page; I select the "AREDN-" file, and click UPLOAD. 

The browser then sits there, cranking away, until the page "loses" the connection.  When I navigate back to the node, the firmware version remains

I am running Windows 10, and the AirRouter is hardwired to the computer.  I haveb't tried tftp as yet (not running Linux on this box is why, but I do have a Limux machine, but I am a noob in that OS). 

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thank you!

73, Jeff AL1Q
k1ky's picture AirRouter upgrade
What browser are you using?  Try Chrome, flush your cache.  Chrome will show you the file upload status  (progressive percentage counter in the bottom left-hand corner of your browser screen).  That could be helpful.  Otherwise, try it with a different browser.
Oops, take 2
I didn't disable the tunnel -- I did that, and now it's upgraded.

Thank you!
Also have you disabled
Also have you disabled tunnels and are you running any add on software on the node.
I did not disable the tunnel.  I did so, and the upgrade took.

Thanks, all!

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