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wb6tae upgrade issue

Upgrading a NSM2 from to

1) I tried to load the "Allow OTA upgrade over slower links" package, but it errored and failed to load.
2) Made the OTA changes by hand through the terminal
3) Uploaded the beta but forgot to set the "Keep Settings" option.

When the node came back up it was in in a transparent AP (bridge) mode with the node name "mesh node" and apparently no IP address.  I.e. it did not get a dhcp lease from a co-located (dtdlinked) node and was not on  I tried several resets and finally a power-on reset caused the node to come up on in NO-CALL mode and I was able to finish the configuration.

A question/suggestion. In AP mode(s) could the node still request an IP address so it could still be accessed via the GUI.

Richard - wb6tae

k1ky's picture upgrade issue

I had that exact same thing happen when I loaded the wrong Firmware image (Nanostation) onto a Nanobridge with tunnel installed. (My fault)  You described exactly what I went through, except I did have the OTA Save Changes box checked.  Full hardware reset and I was able to access the node, install the proper firmware and off we went with a stable operating node.

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I'm curious when you say that

I'm curious when you say that you "forgot to set the Keep Settings"... It is enabled by DEFAULT in  (In a very early beta, it was not the default.)
Are you sure that you are keeping it CHECKED?

I am saying "I don't think I

I am saying "I don't think I checked it."  I cannot say it wasn't checked, and I did not uncheck it.  So, if it is checked by default, it probably was checked.  Sorry for the confusion, I just wanted to be sure I did not miss something that might help resolve the issue.

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same here

I did an OTA sys upgrade to an M2 with today's 16-beta and it did not come back (many minutes).
After a push-and-hold-the-button reset, it showed up on but not accepting connections or showing ports.
After another reset it came up like a new one - with no call. First try to enter and save a call did not work. Back to no-call.
The second time I entered the call and saved, it started up the DHCP server and began to work. No settings were kept.
So that was not much fun :-(


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The push reset for 10-12 secs

The push reset for 10-12 secs will WIPE any settings for sure.
Where you upgrading from or a beta?

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This was from the "original" to the most recent version - hoping to pick up the change in the way the firewall works for the tunnel node.

After flashing the firmware OTA - and failing - the behavior of the LED's vs reset button was not normal at all. Normally I expect to see something at about 7 seconds. That did not happen, so I ended up holding the button a bit longer.

I guess this would be an opportunity to mention that I think it would be nice if revisions to the beta had a "build number" or some easy way to distinguish between them.  I think that is quite usual in other places where experimental/beta versions are issued, no? 

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We haven't yet released

We haven't yet released another beta for yet.  The next one (with the tunnel firewall correction) will be b02

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Ok so it was kind of a pointless exercise then - except I think I read someone else did an (OTA) upgrade that failed in quite a similar way.

I think all my other firmware flashing was direct connect from the PC to the wireless router ...

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I had a dtd connection

I had a dtd connection upgrade fail the same way. 2 power on resets recoverd the node to no-call config. Is this a bug or a quirk?

Bug or quirk?

I's say it is a bug. There isn't much benefit to an OTA upgrade if you have to do a physical reset on the device.

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