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Tried installing 3.16.01b on a Nanostation M2 that has been tunneled.
-Since installing the firmware, I cannot:
- ping, ssh or scp any nodes on the other side of the tunnel.
- I am not able to ping a node by it's name or IP, however I can connect to it via web-browser gui.
- I am able to ping other nodes on the same side of the node that is either client or server.
- If logging into a node that is RF connected to the tunneled node, I CAN ping, ssh and scp from any other node except from the node serving the tunnels.

All of the same tests have been performed using different hardware types. 
Tested on both sides of the tunnel.
Both Server and Client nodes with the WAN connection experience the same issues.

Reverting back to 3.15.01 on the NanoStation, everything returns to working properly.

Purchases the AirRouter HP and it has exactly the same issues as other nodes running the same firmware and is tunneled.
This does not appear to be hardware dependant.

This appears to be a Firewall / permisison setting.
Anyone have any idea's what to try or how to correct ?


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we are investigating. with an

we are investigating. with an active tunnel connection. can you post a supportdump file from your server and client?


Support Dump

Here are the Support Dumps from each end of the Tunnel.
Both are AirRouter HP.


Support File Attachments: 
Support Dump

And the file for the other end of the tunnel

The files do not appear to be

The files do not appear to be attached when I look from my side.

Can you please re-upload them?  This sounds like exactly what we need to look deeper since it is from both sides of the tunnel.

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Make sure that you are using

Make sure that you are using the "Support File Attachment" at the bottom of the post reply.

Any Suggestions after looking

Any Suggestions after looking at the Support Dumps ?

Re-Check my file posting.

Forgot to click the  Include file in display box.
The files show up in my post now.

Support File Attachments: 
Here they are again, in-case they didn't work

Here's the other node of the tunnel

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This has been fixed in the

This has been fixed in the next beta.

Is there any edits I can make

Is there any edits I can make to make the nodes useuable now ?

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Days... not weeks

The next beta should be out in days, rather than weeks.

Andre, K6AH


I think I am seeing this issue as well.
Is there a workaround I can apply on the box?
I tried to debug it for a bit, but I could not determine if it is routing or an iptables issue.


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Still seeing the issue.

I am having the same issue as this guy, and am using version on a Nanobridge.  The only way I am able to communicate to nodes on the other side of the Tunnel is to add a second node, and repoint my routes and DNS to the new node.  I have seen this on several nodes including nodes with the most recent release.   
My house has a node in NAT mode with the WAN enabled, grabbing a VLAN address from the router.   The other location I saw this at was with the most recent release and has the WAN disabled and is using the NAT side gateway.  The VPN connects fine, and I can see his node on the network just fine, but he cannot access anything on the tunnel side.

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