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3.15.1b1 tests on NanoStationM5 and CP510

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3.15.1b1 tests on NanoStationM5 and CP510


I loaded and tested the 3.15.1b1 version on both a NanoStationM5 (XM firmware) and a CP510 (1.2 firmware)

Loading the firmware was easy.

After configuration , the reboot message about DMZ LED is confusing for new users as there is no DMZ LED on Ubiquiti nor on TP-Link equipments.

I used 5675MHz and 5MHz BW for my testing.

On the CP510 , the TX level refused to accept values above +17dBm

On both the signal level page stays empty with no value.

The link between the two equipments is rock solid thru multiple reinforced concrete walls.

Continue the great work.....

73 de Remi F6CNB


Thank you for the comment on

Thank you for the comment on the "DMZ Light" your right one does not exists.   We have been correcting those sort of errors as we see them and this one must of gotten away from us. I'll tag it into a commit later tonight so it can make the next beta.

Regarding the Signal Level not showing, we are planning on fixing that in the next beta release, I'm actually in the middle of working on it tonight as well.

I would advise against much testing with the CPE510 as there are a number of issues that came out on the first beta that are known to cause it to not function correctly in the mesh. Feel free to mess around with it but expect a few odd issues here and there if you do. We intend to have those we are aware of resolved in as well (Yep, this is why we do public betas, iron out anything the engineers internally missed from looking at the same screen all day)

I will take a look at the power setting,  I know we already seen one item where the vendor specifically program the chip to be lower in power than the factory specs say it should be, not sure if there is an outboard amp on these ones (like there is in Ubiquiti) but I'm betting I'm going to find this was in the 'lower power' portion of the band of the hardware as I do recall seeing the power tapper off the lower in frequency you went with these devices. I will verify this evening and get back to you on that.   This may become a documentation issue for the release notes.

Thanks for the encouragement, and happy testing.

I saw the same 17 dBm limit

I saw the same 17 dBm limit at first as well on my CPE510.  I entered "10000" meters in the range and changed the bandwidth to 20 MHz and was then able to raise the power to 23 dBm.  I may have changed the channel as well but don't remember if it was before or after the power change.  I moved every one of my test units to the "new" channel 180 (a Ubiquiti NB5M XM 22 dB, NBM5 XM 25 dB, and the TP-Link CPE 510). Hope to see the next Beta soon...

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Power level issues with TP-Link equipment

On our test CPE210, we saw the same issue with the output power level.  It absolutely refused to raise the power above the default 22(I think) dBm.  I even opened a Bloodhound ticket on it.  Then after a while messing around with it it worked and I closed the ticket, assuming operator error.

So it's possible there's something funny going on there with the CPE210 too.

So this is a bit of an

So this is a bit of an interesting item I realized last night (won't make it into b02)  working on a CPE510

We have multiple items going on here

1) TP-Link has programmed the gear with a max power that is actually lower than the datasheet power

2) This power is lowered as you go lower in frequency

3) These limits apply only to 'standard' RF channels, they didn't program the 'new' channels in (obviously since they didn't have them) and as such the power limit defaults to undefined.

I'm going to have to run this by the dev team to see the solution as the answer for this, I don't think we want to push past the 'programmed' maximum even if we could make the device respond and the datasheet says its fine.... .

For now may be wise to backoff a few db (23dbm max on the high side for CPE510 and 17dbm on the lower side channels according to the chip programing)  Some channels will enforce these limits at the moment others will not (standard, vs new extended RF channels)


 I assume similar can be said for the 210 devices as well

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