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VE3KMV Issues with NanoStation M5

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      I did a factory load v3.15.1.0b01 on a NanoStation M2 (XM), which worked fine (noting
the Ch. 0 and Ch. -2/254 issues found/reported earlier). Operationally this version seems
to be working great on several other M2 and M5 devices.

   NanoStation M5 factory load initially seemed OK but only allowed frequency setting up to 5825,
not up to 5920. After saving/rebooting the menu only displayed frequencies from 5182 to 5485.
I also got an "Untested Hardware" warning at the top of the page, pointing to a "sysinfo" text file.
Rick VE3CVG has confirmed he has similar issues on another NanoStation M5.

    I've backed off to 3.0.2 which works up to 5825, but it's telling me I can select TX power
between 6dBm and 32dBm (a bit high for the 27dBm NanoStation). This version also
gives the "Untested Hardware" warning.

    Upgrading back up to 3.15.1, results were same, so backed off again.

    I am very certain correct firmware was used: non-XW, factory load for NanoStation M2 and M5
 airOS version before first load was XM v5.5.6 .

    I can enter a ticket, just wanted to post this first.


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Thanks for the report Dave. 

Thanks for the report Dave.  Please open a ticket for this.

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Note, there is an identified

Note, there is an identified bug on some of the new channels 5Ghz.   I don't believe there is a specific bug entered to make the details visible just yet.   The default kernel code on channel selections does not calculate the right freq settings--goes to neverland.    No one before us has ever mapped channels to these frequencies before (a non-ham has never had cause to map channels to a ham freq...).

Joe AE6XE    

Sounds like an older unknown

Sounds like an older unknown series of device.  File a ticket with a request to support as sounds like it's an unknown untested all the other flaws are somehwat not relevant.

The fact it was AirOS 5.5.6 means it's certainly older, Ubiquiti makes minor changes every now and than and changes a board is file we use to watch.

sysinfo file (part)

   Below is the first part of the "sysinfo" file. I'm not yet up on various SoCs used
in various models/vintages. We got a good deal on used gear, taken out of service.

   NanoStation M2 also had airOS XM v5.5.6 and no issues with it.


 node: VE3KMV-NanoM5-1
model: Ubiquiti Nanostation M

boardid: 0xe005
Device has not been tested. Please file a ticket with your experiences.

eth0   00:27:22:33:33:6C
eth0.1 00:27:22:33:33:6C
eth0.2 00:27:22:33:33:6C
eth1   02:27:22:33:33:6C
wlan0  00:27:22:32:33:6C
wlan0-1 00-27-22-32-33-6C-00-44-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00

system type        : Atheros AR7240 rev 2
machine            : Ubiquiti Nanostation M
processor        : 0
cpu model        : MIPS 24Kc V7.4


    BTW I'm a bit fuzzy on

    BTW I'm a bit fuzzy on how non-developers would submit a ticket; have not done
one yet. If it's done through Bloodhound, looks like my AREDN login doesn't work,
so I need to register, or.... ?



At the moment its a

At the moment its a controlled setup, mostly the beta team and active developers have accounts for bloodhound,  I'm sure that will change as we continue integrating the systems together, but for the moment they are indeed separate.

Go ahead and file the details here and we can create the appropriate ticket for it.

What we actually need to move forward on this is a file, which I realize as I search for the procedure to link to has never actually been needed yet so here it is:

1) The device must be running the AirOS.
2) Telnet or Putty into the node (default user is ubnt; password ubnt; default ip
3) Run "cat /etc/"
4) Save the resultant file and post it in response to this post.

The file contains details needed about the hardware offsets so we can program the gui to correctly display them.

   I only have one unit and

   I only have one unit and it now has AREDN firmware. If it's feasible to re-install airOS of
the right version, I could try; or check if any in the local group has a similar unit which has not
been converted yet (sounds easier).


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Here is the generic procecure to doing a TFTP load. 


  1. download a TFTP client such as (or, if on Linux or Mac, tftp is built-in)
  2. download the latest AirOS for your device
  3. connect cat5 direct from your pc to node
  4. config your PC's IP setting from DHCP to:
    1. IP -
    2. netmask -
    3. gateway -
  5. with the power OFF on your node
    1. press and hold the reset button
    2. power on the node
    3. keep holding until the LEDs start to cycle in an alternating pattern (about 10-15 secs if I recall) (this is RECOVERY mode)
    4. release the reset button
  6. start your TFTP client and point it to and your AirOS firmware file
  7. start the transfer
  8. after awhile, your node will restart under AirOS.
  9. using your browser: go to to access it
  10. don't forgot, when done, to reset your PC's IP settings back to DHCP.



AirOS v 5.5.8

OK, thanks Darryl, done. Here is the file listing:

board.cpurevision=0x000000c2 M5


   Any other files I should grab/list etc. while I'm at it?

   BTW how does the SoC listed earlier (Atheros AR7240 rev 2)  fit in with the one(s) currently supported?


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"BTW how does the SoC listed

"BTW how does the SoC listed earlier (Atheros AR7240 rev 2)  fit in with the one(s) currently supported?"

Ultimately, we just have to test and try it to confirm everything works.   This looks like a NanoStation M5 with a cpu 'rev' vs. a new cpu that comes with the 'XW' ubiquit boards.  The XW boards come with the AR9342 chip.    There's also some AirGrids out there with ar7240 rev 2 boards.  The signs are good this will work.  The 32dBm selection showing are probably just the txpower.offset=5 that the UI doesn't known about.   I would assume rev 2 is just bug fixes and fully compatible.

Interesting this hasn't popped up before, maybe limited shipments and then XW boards came through.   If Ubiquiti has already upgraded to the AR9342 chip in the NSM5 models, this implies the ar7240 rev 2 boards came before it.

Its an older board not a 'recent' board

"Interesting this hasn't popped up before, maybe limited shipments and then XW boards came through.   If Ubiquiti has already upgraded to the AR9342 chip in the NSM5 models, this implies the ar7240 rev 2 boards came before it."

Actually what the cause is is that this is an EARLIER board than what most people tested with. The majority of beta testers bought new hardware from authorized resellers, this means they were all recent boards,  this production change happened some time in the past and is actually 2+ hardware revisions ago trick is most of us have been buying new which is why this doesn't come up that often (XW=Current, XM that most people have, and than these devices XM predating the majority of XM devices beta team had)

I'm sure we will see more of this pop up from ebay sales and similar as gear gets cycled out of its environment to be updated with new hardware as part of a hardware refresh.

Added as an "in-testing"

Added as an "in-testing" support device in changeset:f9152254595301cd6f43a9e82a505be3bd76267c/aredn_ar71xx

Should  be in when it comes out to test with.

Make sure to let us know how it turns out when its published so we know to promote it to supported.

tried 1b02 on older NS M5

I have the 1b02 update installed on my older NanoStation M5 which had problems with 1b01 setting frequency and power level. The update seems to solve these issues, but at the moment it can't mesh with anything so can't verify full operation. It can hear another node weakly, but not enough for a usable link.


NS M5s now meshing

    Two of the older NS M5's (mine and Rick VE3CVG's) with 1b02 have been able to mesh with other
5.8G nodes, on one of the extended channels (5910MHz). Without formal testing, I'd say the
problems appear fixed. Great work and responsiveness to this somewhat unexpected issue!

    Is there anything else we should be checking, other than the obvious setup issues in 1b01 ?


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