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2.4Ghz interference from beacon

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2.4Ghz interference from beacon
We have a Ubiquiti rocket(channel -2)(2.397GHz) and 2G-15 sector antenna up about 90 feet on a tower.  Last week a 2.304 GHz beacon with an EIRP of 13 watts was installed at the 80 foot mark on the opposite side of the tower.  Unfortunately, this has rendered the node virtually unusable.  The current assumption is that the receiver in the rocket is being overloaded from the beacon.  Obviously, the first thing to try is turn off the beacon.  If the beacon is the culprit, does anyone think that adding a shield to the back of the sector antenna would help reduce the overload.  I am asking this because it is not a simple matter to get this done due to having to get an insured climber to do the work.  Any other ideas on resolving this would be greatly appreciated.  The 5GHz node in the same general area is unaffected.
Glenn WA3LAB

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