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2021 Mesh Status in East Tennessee

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2021 Mesh Status in East Tennessee

I'm just getting started with AREDN and am wondering what the current status/level of activity is in East Tennessee. I'm in a pretty low location in Sevier County (near Douglas Dam if you're familiar) and the nodes that I see on the map have not updated in a while.

How's your AREDN stuff going?

How's your AREDN stuff going? 

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AREDN in East Tennessee

We have activity in the Chattanooga and Knoxville areas.  Working on getting something going in Fentress and Roane Counties.  Contact me direct if you need any assistance.

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Hey hey, It looks like I don

Hey hey, It looks like I don't have to track down your email like I was going to. I saw you, (and others), on the map, and was going to contact you to let you know we are going to get the mesh up and running in the area. I was going to also find out how involved you wanted to be. I started an East TN forum page where we all can meet to exchange info and track progress. Feel free to contact me if you need help with anything. I'm brand new to the whole thing, but have learned a little in the past few weeks/months. I look forward to hearing back from or on the EAST TN page.
Thomas, KM4TBQ

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