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2 nodes and 1 hAP router cfg question

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2 nodes and 1 hAP router cfg question

I have a 5GHz Mikrotik dish and a Ubiquity omni w rocket someone loaned me today. Both are powered by their own PoE injectors. Port 5 on the router has PoE disabled. Previously I had it enabled and worked fine with just the dish.
I am trying to get them both going but having no luck. I was told only port 5 on the router will host nodes- so I plugged the nodes into a Ubiquity 8 port smart switch- and port 5 on the router into the switch as well. Nada. I have the router status page but neither of the nodes are showing up. Both nodes and the switch are showing link lights on the switch.
What can I look for to adjust/change to make this work?

If I only have the omni connected to the router works fine. I see it in neighbors. I also see that the dish IS working and connected to a local high level site. The omni sees it and is using it for the gateway. Just cannot get them both hard wired and coexisting on the LAN.

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Configure the switch to use VLAN 2
If you configure the Ubiquiti switch to provide VLAN 2 to the ports where the devices are connected, they will all see each other. An example using a 5 port ToughSwitch is here: 
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What can I look for to adjust/change to make this work?

I powered up a hAP, a nanobridge M900, and a nanostation M5; each via their respective power/POE.
I added a 8 port 'smart switch'; 3COM 3CGSU08.
The nanobridge and the nanostation are plugged into the switch.
The switch plugs into port 5 (DtD) of the hAP.
This laptop is plugged into a LAN port of the hAP.
localnode show this attached image.

Is this what you want to work?



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Hi- thx- 
Hi- thx- 
I have a Switch 8 from Ubiquity. I decided to use it for the WAN side of things as I have an AP and CloudKey for my home network- plus the Switch 8 is 48V unless I power it w 24V PoE.

I have a D-Link gigabit switch now set up with all 3 nodes and port 5 on the hAP connected. The omni and my dish are showing dtd like your picture- but the last dish does not. It is working and connected to the mesh so it is notcritical just odd. I will likely get a 24V PoE switch ata a later date to simplify things.

I believe I am having this
I believe I am having this same issue. My configuration is hAP (port 5) > NSM5 > NBM. When connected to the hAP I cannot access the NBM node.

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