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Übiquiti 2.4 -2?

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Übiquiti 2.4 -2?

Is all the Ubiquity 2.4 can go on ch -2? And which one is the less expensive?

Thanks, VA2LOJ

Yes all the devices currently

Yes all the devices currently listed on the supported platform matrix can do channel -2.

Thinking of this as a lowest unit cost is counter productive, what you really want to do is evaluate what your needs are and build to that. Going for the cheapest device may leave you receiving less value for the dollar and unable to meet your need.

The NanoStation tends to be the common entry unit as it has dual chains, a decent built in antenna,is self contained and easy to work with. A rocket and rocket dish are great for long haul paths.  Bullets don't come with any antenna and only have a single chain, pico stations are like bullets with very small antennas not intended for mass distance. Airrouters have a built in switch but are not outdoor rugged and only have a single chain antenna.

All these really mean you bed to evaluate what the local environment is like and what your use scenario will be to determine the best hardware option. 

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agreed, the NanoStation NSM2

agreed, the NanoStation NSM2 perform well, and are an all-in-one package.


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