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Questions regarding the Mikrotik hAP ac lite

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Questions regarding the Mikrotik hAP ac lite

First a sincere thank you to everyone associated with the AREDN project for developing and providing such amazing communication tools.  smiley

Now a few questions regarding the Mikrotik hAP ac lite when configured with the latest AREDN firmware:
1.  Can the 2.4 ghz radio be turned off?  I'm using the device as a local node and tunnel server and would prefer to eliminate the unnecessary RF.
2.  What is the current 3.18.9 poe status on the DtDLink port?  Does it still default powered on, and if so is there a best known method to turn it off ... and keep it off through reboots?
3.  When powering the Mikrotik hAP with the supplied power supply, will the POE on the DtDLink port be sufficient to drive an attached Mikrotik Basebox 5 at full power?
4.  Is there any idea when the 5 ghz radio may be configured for use as an access point?

AREDN installation comment:  I used an rpi configured with dnsmasq to install AREDN according to the directions given on this site.  I believe the order of steps 11 and 12 need to be reversed in order for the given command lines to work correctly.  Also ... a couple minor adjustments had to be done to the path statements to work on the rpi under stretch.

Thank you very much to any and all who may assist with my questions.

julie mcgrew

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Hi Julie, welcome!

Hi Julie, welcome!
Here are a few pointers...


re: installation, there is work underway to simplify that entire process... stay tuned.

3) Yes no problem at the hardware level (assuming the port is still on!) I have seen my BaseBox2 max out at 250mA at 24V. Most of the time it jumps around 150mA average (2-4W). This is driving a 100ft run to the roof. My PBE-M5-400 runs up to 120mA. Both measured from native Mikrotik routers. Ian
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Following up ...

Thank you to both K5DLQ and KD6EPQ for their input and comments ... much appreciated!

I did stumble upon these commands in the forum if you wish to turn off the poe on port 5 of the hAP (I clarified a bit):
to turn off enter: echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio14/value
to turn on enter: echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio14/value
These commands are utilized by logging into the hAP with ssh as "root"

When you turn off the poe on port 5 the light on port 5 goes from red to green .... sweet indicator  :)
Turning the poe on port 5 turns the red light on that port back on ... so there is never a doubt as to the status of that port.

I tested the port in both configurations and it reads about 24 vdc when on .... and about 9 vdc when off ... pins 7 & 8 are ground and pins 4 & 5 are B+


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hAP AC lite 5 GHz Access Point configuration?
4.  Is there any idea when the 5 ghz radio may be configured for use as an access point?

I'm looking at starting this in November.     I have an hAP AC lite myself.  I just posted a question on configuration options, looking for how groups might use this:


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