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Grandstream HT502

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Grandstream HT502
I need some help, trying to install a Grandstream HT502 and unable to figure out how to set it up. Using Raspberry pi and a asterisk pbx. The node will not see it. Tried everything I can think of and don't have a lot of experience with VoIP. Tried Google and YouTube with no luck. Any help would be great, Thanks
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Things to Look For

I don't have any first hand experience with this unit but judging from the description on the Grandstream web site, there's a lot going on inside that box besides being just a plain telephone adapter.

Here's some things to start with:

1. Make sure you have a sip extension configured in your asterisk installation.
2. Configure one of the two FXS ports in your HT502 with that information, including the ip address of your asterisk box.
3. You may wish to reserve the address for asterisk in your node so that it doesn't change if you reboot the node somehow.
4. Plug your phone into the FXS port that you configured.

There's some mention of a router and switch on the Grandstream web site, so we will have to work our way through that and perhaps turn off some of that functionality.


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Problem Solved

I worked with K9LRD over the land-line and he is now up and running. There were some minor configuration issues.

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