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Bricked and no IP address

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Bricked and no IP address
Hello All,
Well I finally bricked a unit.  Unfortunately it is a 3G Rocket.  I tried TFPT with no luck.  Angry IP IP Scanner and it shows no address.  I successfully counseled into the jtag port and the boot loader stops at booting...  

From the terminal I entered the command  'urescue -f -e and received the response;
'boot loader overwrite mode'
'starting tftp server...'
'using eth0 (, address: 0x81000000'
'waiting for connection:/\/\/\/'
The indicator lights flash as they should indicating the node is waiting for the tftp input.

So now to the tftp program and again no acknowledgment from the node.  Again running the IP Scanner and again no active address other than my computer. 
As it looks like I can not upload anything via tftp through the network port.  Could I load the firmware through the console port and if so, how, or is this truly a brick.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Paul Strauss
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Bricked and no IP address

Bricking is a right of passage here! Most if not all have done so. First thing to try is it's not always You may need to do a serial recovery and reload the original firmware!! This may help but it's bit tricky and should be able to salvage it. The serial cable is only a few dollars on eBay.

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If the Ethernet port is
If the Ethernet port is smoked, is the node usable for your situation should an image be loaded via the serial console?    I'm not at home to check, but if there is a uboot "loadm" command, we might be able to find something that can be loaded into RAM and proceed farther.   I understand loadm  uses kermit.   Brings back some old memories, it's been quite a while since I've used this protocol.


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