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802.3af POE

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802.3af POE

Wanted to share yet another option to power 24V nodes from "standard" 802.3af/802.3at 48V ports found on bigger network switches.  These boxes from Tycon take 48V PoE in and output either 24V or 18V, jumper selectable, passive output for Ubiquiti nodes.  I put two in today to add remote control power from a Cisco switch.  Left them at 24V since these nodes are at 125 and 175ft. 18V for shorter runs to save on wear and tear of regulator/diodes.  They are 10/100 only.

26 bucks at Flytec.


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An antenative 802.3af adapter
Thanks for finding these. I have successfully used the Ubiquiti versions of an 802.3af adapter. There is an outdoor weatherproof type (INS-8023AF-O) and an indoor-only type (INS-8023AF-I) .They are $19.95 each for either type. 
What is nice about using an adapter of this sort is the ability to use a standard PoE network switch and just plug in your AREDN node to safely power it up. I just installed a Netgear GS724TPv2 switch and use it to power a growing collection of nodes used most for testing and tunnels. 

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