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Can you run Aredn on a Raspberry Pi?

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Can you run Aredn on a Raspberry Pi?

Hello all,
I was wondering if there is a version of Aredn you can run on a Raspberry Pi? There is an old, not supported, not recommended, version of BBHN that I have running on a Pi now. I was hoping to convert it to an Aredn node now that I'm changing over to an Aredn mesh. Has anyone tried this yet?


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Just change the SSID to AREDN. I currently have a RPi running on AREDN however it doesn't have the capability to operate on the -1, -2 channels.

Ok I'll give that a try.
Ok I'll give that a try.
When I get the time (which
When I get the time (which won't be soon), I plan on hacking the Linux driver for the UBNT WifiStation to work on -1 and -2. I know for a fact that the hardware supports it. If you can do it or know someone who can, that'll be your best chance if you want channels -1 or -2.

I have been running a Raspberry Pi on a mesh network for several years. I'm currently running Raspbian Stretch and run multiple services. Currently I have running a Web Server, FTP Server, Citadel Mail Server, Simple Machine Forums, IRC Chat Server linked in to California from Mesa, Az. via KG6WXC along with the KG6WXC Mesh Node Map. I find it easy to handle everything with very few problems. I have a Ubiquiti AirGateway LR as a gateway to bridge between the standard WIFI and the -2 channel that my AirGrid M2 HP runs on and a NanoBridge M5 DTDed via a 8 port Netgear GS108E...

Dale - N7QJK
Central Arizona Mesh Group

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kj6dzb-4.local.mesh:8080/ is
kj6dzb-4.local.mesh:8080/ is live with the HSMM-pi project.  

no one has tackled recompiling the firmware drivers to alow the atheros usb wifi dongles to operate on ch -1 and -2. 

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It appears that the Raspbery
It appears that the Raspbery Pi 3B+ (and the 3B) use the Cypress Wifi Chipsets. Their site has the drivers and code for them. So, in theory, it shouldn't be too difficult to open it up to Channels -1 and -2, if the hardware supports that. I'd imagine if someone wanted to do this, they would have to contact the Cypress development team privately, so they can assure that non-licensed individuals won't be able to use the channels.

Here's a link to the developer information for the Raspberry Pi 3B+ chipset. ​ 

I don't know about the older Pi's, or about external wifi adapters, although I'd imagine the TP-Link USB ones could be modified.

Have a great night. :)

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