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Finally success using a camera on 2nd port of a NanoStation

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Finally success using a camera on 2nd port of a NanoStation


I've finally been able to get cameras to work on the 2nd port of a Nanostation XW without running extra cabling.  

Perhaps this sequence is already known or you have found something better.  I am not an IT person and this mesh project has been the majority of my education in this area.  

The goal is to have a normal LAN/POE connection to one port of the Nanostation with a camera hooked to the second one.  This keeps you from having to run a 2nd LAN cable and POE for the camera.  

What I've learned to do is to statically set the IP address on the camera from the range the node would normally assign and reserve this on the node.  I do not use DHCP on the camera.  I actually hook the camera to the main port and the LAN with POE to the secondary port on the Nanostation.  The Nano node will not show the camera on the DHCP, etc, page except for your reservation.  It will work, however. 

Has anyone found a better way?

Admin note:
Admin note:
Moved to rag chew as it involves the unsupported backfeeding of power via a secondary port.

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