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Safe to install AREDN firmware on a Rocket w/o antenna?

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Safe to install AREDN firmware on a Rocket w/o antenna?
Each time I install AREDN fw on a new Rocket, I dutifully attach the antenna beforehand. Is it necessary to have a big antenna attached while doing that?  I never key a radio w/o antenna or dummy load, but...

TIA, 73 Charlie KØTAN

I bought a few pairs of Amazon-grade generic 2.4/5.8Ghz rubber duck antennas with various connectors just for this purpose. Something is better than nothing until I can turn it off or crank down the power.  I always assume the radio is turned ON out of the box. (It is).


I have a 5GHZ Rocket inside
I have a 5GHZ Rocket inside my rack using RP-SMA dummy loads. These can be found on ebay for a few bucks, but it would be great if we could just disable the radio instead.
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Ducks, Dummies & Power
All good suggestions - probably NOT a good idea to run these (or Bullets) unterminated - especially at High Power.  It would be "nice" if we could run the power all the way down to 2 dbm like the AirRouter AR - but I believe that may not be possible.  We have also experimented with turning the radio "off".  I believe I have a ticket out there for that.

Rubber Ducks or Dummy loads (check to make sure they are supported for the frequencies involved) are good solutions.

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