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MESH Processes, Procedures, Protocols and Guidelines

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MESH Processes, Procedures, Protocols and Guidelines
Hello AREDN Community,

I wanted to distribute for review and comment a set of processes, procedures and protocols that the City Of Laguna Niguel, CA has been working on over the last 10 months or so.  The goal of these processes is to interleave MESH operation alongside HAM UHF/VHF EMCOMM operations for Observe and Reports yet leave flexibility to serve in any type event.  There is no attempt to duplicate node build and setup procedures as outlined in AREDN documentation but instead to provide protocols and guidance on MESH deployment and operation. Do keep in mind the body of work is a work in progress but is shared here at this point to the community at large for review and comment with further improvement, enhancement and revision to serve the City's LN ACS Mission. The LN ACS team has trained and used these for National Night Out, LN Holiday Parade and will be used in upcoming events.

At the below link you will find the following documents for your consideration,
  • City of Laguna Niguel Auxiliary Communications Service Appendix 10, MESH 
  • City of Laguna Niguel Node Registry
  • FTP Cheat Sheet
  • Video Cheat Sheet
MESH Processes, Procedures, Protocols and Guidelines

I am part of a group in Utah that will be presenting mesh networking at the Utah Digital Communication Conference on March 24. May I have your permission to use these documents as a guide for the presentation please?

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Channel check
Suggest you check channel on 5GHz node setup.  Currently says something like 3000. Max is 184 IIRC.

I suggest a setup sheet (laminated with erasable sharpies) for nodename passwords, freqs, etc.  Acts as a checklist, too.

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