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Windows security issue

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Windows security issue
Hello all!   I am just getting started with AREDN mesh networking. Managed to get a couple Nanoloco M2s and a Bullet  setup. However now when I access the webpage a Windows Security page requests a username and password. During the initial setup I used the "root" and "hsmm". I changed the username to "k8hmf-001" and a new password. All seemed to work OK. Today my username and password will now work. Any thoughts?
The username currently does
The username currently does not support being changed, it should always be “root”. You can change the node name but that doesn’t impact the login username.

Give it a shot with root and your new password, it will probably work, if not there is a recovery mode of holding the reset button for 5 seconds will change the password back to hsmm.
I was confusing user name with node name. Using "root" has corrected problem. Thanks for assistance.
I also had this problem with

I also had this problem with some NanoStation M2's. I used "root" and my new password and it worked. Thank you.

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