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Rocket M5 upload grayed out

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Rocket M5 upload grayed out
Rocket M5 XW installed the downgrade and successfully installed firmware, develop-171-69937359, I see a new update 172-xxxxxx. a file can selected but not uploaded. This problem includes all upload options. I would like to install the latest firmware and Meshchat on this node. Is there an option I need to select?

Vince KB8TEP
Are you running a tunnel? If
Are you running a tunnel? If so you need to disable all tunnels for uploads to be permitted.
That is it. Thanks.
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A simple line of text
This same issue bit me in the butt last night. I spent hours scratching my head, trying different browsers, reading the code of ~/cgi-bin/admin trying to figure out what was going on, etc... It was a PITA! When you guys made this change how hard would it have been to add a simple line of text that says:
"Please ensure you have disabled any active tunnels before attempting firmware upgrade"? Seriously... some of us don't read every changelog every time, and searching through these forums is rather tedious at best.
The following is included in

The following is included in the onboard help file that talks about how the page functions:

<a name=admin><h2>Administration</h2></a>
<strong>Note:</strong></br>Files can not be uploaded to a node while a tunnel
server or client connection is enabled. To upload any file (firmware, package
or ssh key) you must ensure all tunnel servers and clients are disabled.</br>
Upload buttons will be disabled until tunnels are disabled.

As for more interactive inline messages:
The current code is a mess, it’s slated to get easier when we move to a LUCI based GUI framework but that’s a very large project. I also seem to recall this was slipped in during the release branch where we intentionally  limit how large commits are in order to reduce the risk of breaking existing code .  A feature request can always be submitted for the dev branch to change it up. 

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