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ELMER NEEDED - AirRouter Conversion

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ELMER NEEDED - AirRouter Conversion

While I have successfully converted a pair of Airgrid M2 units and an AirRouter-HP several months ago I am currently stumped trying to convert a plain AirRouter.  I'm also having great difficulty reconciling some of the AREDN Instructions.  In particular, I'm getting the following response from the router during attempts to backdate the airOS:  "This firmware not trusted by airOS ..."  I'd like to make contact with an Elmer who can walk me through the conversion process.  73,

Ian Snow VA3QT/W7

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two choices:
two choices:

1) download and downgrade AirOS to a version that shows (unsigned) FIRST, then downgrade to any version.
2) use TFTP to install the nightly builds from AREDN directly.
I would like to extend a
I would like to extend a sincere thank-you to Tom K1KY who came to my rescue off-line.  Took two Teamviewer sessions bracketing Tom's consulting with others far more knowledgeable than I.  The problem was my having installed a signed version of AirOS firmware which lead to a process to backdating the FW version by version to avoid checksum errors.  Tom introduced me to a pair of networking analysis apps and the TFTP process, and verified that I had indeed  previously converted my AR-HP  unit correctly.  This morning I reinstalled the two nodes (one inside and one out in the "shack" and all is well.

Thank-you again Tom for your patience and tutoring.


Ian VA3QT/W7

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