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Rocket M5 Titanium XW

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Rocket M5 Titanium XW

Gents, I know the Rocket M5 Titanium XW is listed as "No compatibility or support".

However, I was able to install RC 17.1.0 Rocket M5 XW software on the one I have (date code 1408G) without any issues and it appears to function correctly with the exception of couple of small glitches. The glitches include TxPower settings reverting back to 22dbm (when set to 27dbm) and Channel setting showing only frequencies without the actual channel numbers.

Question can anyone tell me what sort of issues they had experience installing RC 17.1.0 on a Rocket M5 Titanium or what sort of issues I should be looking out for?  The ethernet port issue that had affected all XW in general, I get. What are some RM5T specific issues.  This is non-production newbee learning effort so no stress.  I am comfortable with tftp, jtag, etc....  Thanks. 


Well the real issue is the
Well the real issue is the Rocket Titanium were actually the first ever XW Devices we saw ,these predated other XW devices by several years.  At the time they first were brought to my attention on the dev team it wasn't known they were going to eventually be the base hardware model 2+ years in the future for everything else that Ubiquiti was going to build.

​I believe I have a 2GHz Rocket Titanium here in storage but I never got time to go back to evaluate it after we started adding XW support due to my personal life being so busy and Titanium models having been given 'low priority' by the core dev team (there was a cheaper model available eg the regular Rocket XW's) 

​The "Glitches" your seeing are because the device hasn't been sequenced into AREDN support, that 22dbm is most likely 100% output power (every Ubiquiti device to date has had an offchip amplifier that increases the RF power that we display a correction for in the GUI) and the Frequency only is our "fallback" to make sure a device has a method to select configuration even if we don't support it (believe it or not I actually got yelled at once for putting that in).  The only other known item to look out for is the fact that it uses both network ports, main port for LAN and the 2nd network port for WAN/DTDLink but that is true of all XW Devices.

​If you can submit into bloodhound from AirOs a copy of the into a new device support ticket there is a good chance those issues can be sorted quickly moving it to 'untested' (yellow banner instead of read) in the nightly builds and solving the main issues your seeing. 
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Thank you the explanation/XW
Thank you the explanation/XW history. It helped alot.  I will reload AirOS over the weekend and submit copy of

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