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Subject says it all. Anyone using enterprise level switches and firewalls to route ARDEN traffic? Martin W2RWJ

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A local Mesh'er, KA2KWR is a

A local Mesh'er, WA2KWR is a cisco engineer with a shack full of cisco enterprise equipment.   He has worked on a part 97 compliant firewall and more.   You might track him down on qrz if interested to discuss.

But what problem is being solved or need to address?   A Cisco enterprise switch may just be a very expensive way to address the issue.  I've used 3 stacked GS108E swiitches for VLAN capability between 2 roof areas and radio room in the local EOC. We are able to connect any port of any device to another at any location.  


When my nanostation arrives I

When my nanostation arrives I will be looking at setting up vlans on a Cisco 2940.  

Why? Because I have one kicking around :-)

If I get a chance I will do a write up on how I do it. 

SAMPLE Commands

Here is a writeup I did a while back reated to my 2600 series switches.


#Enables administrative mode
<you may have to enter a password here>

#Setup the vlan database:
vlan database
vlan 10 name "BBHN Network"
vlan 2 name "BBHN DTDLINK"

#Enable configuration mode
conf t
# Assuming Interface 23 on module 0 is what you want to configure to be the port the BBHN node plugs into: -- puts the interface into a trunking mode.

interface FastEthernet0/23
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk native vlan 10

# repeat the above for each bbhn port changing the number to to the correct interface

# You can add a vlan 11,12,13 etc if you want to get advanced to have the "lan" port of each device on its own vlan if you need to mix and match but this is another subject.



#save the configuration to the startup config so when you reboot the switch it sticks around

copy running-config startup-config


* DISCLAIMER * I have not tested the above commands -- Any configuration is at your own risk.

Why Cisco

That's what I have in the shack, and club station.   Would prefer not to add another physical layer



Here is what I have in the

Here is what I have in the config to get it working on a 2940 switch which give me a gateway on the nanostation WAN vlan. It seems to be working OK.

Connection to my router is FA0/1.  NanostationM2 connected to FA0/8.

Future plan is to add other ports to vlan 10 for attaching systesm to the nodes LAN interface

interface FastEthernet0/1
 description WAN Connection
interface FastEthernet0/2
interface FastEthernet0/3
interface FastEthernet0/4
interface FastEthernet0/5
interface FastEthernet0/6
interface FastEthernet0/7
interface FastEthernet0/8
 description NSM2 Node
 switchport trunk native vlan 10
 switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,2,10
 switchport mode trunk

The commands I used were

Switch#configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
Switch(config)#vlan 2
Switch(config-vlan)#name DTD
Switch(config)#vlan 10
Switch(config-vlan)#name Mesh
Switch(config)#int f0/08
Switch(config-if)#switchport mode trunk
Switch(config-if)#switchport trunk native vlan 10
Switch(config-if)#switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,2,10
Switch#write mem

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