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Rocket M2 LAN port dead?

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Rocket M2 LAN port dead?
I have a Rocket M2 that powers up, and other nodes see it and talk to it, but the LAN port is apparently completely dead. The switch doesn't see any traffic at all on the wire.

Fried Atheros? Ideas?
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I have one of these :). In
I have one of these :). In my case the 2nd led representing traffic on the ether net port never comes on. Normally, it blinks with packet traffic. I've not heard of anyone able to repair, unlike replacing a zener diode if from over voltage.

Was that Rocket *ever* connected to an 802.3AF/AT-capable switch? I suspect that the EdgeSwitch "auto-PoE+" mode killed mine, like it did the UAP-AC-LITE.

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In my case, the Rocket M2 was
In my case, the Rocket M2 was out in the wild on a 12v solar system.   It did not have electrostatic protection (we don't usually have too much problem here in SoCal, well except this one time :) ).     If your device still powers up, then I'd suspect if it received 48v from the EdgeSwitch, no damage occurred.  I have seen rocket devices take 48v and keep on ticking, but it's clearly out of spec.    I don't recall the 4 wires in the cat5 for POE having any relationship to the circuits carrying the network data.
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no comms

I once had a Bullet with the same symptoms.

Turns out it was dropped.

This caused the Ethernet isolation transformer to detach partially from the circuit board.  This component looks like an IC but is a bit heavier than a silicon component and was attached to the board only with its surface-mount leads.  Sadly, it was deemed not repairable because some of the leads went to internal traces on the PCB that were not accessible.  It was not really easy to see this until I realized you could slide a pice of paper under a couple of the leads (photo).  It interrupted the leads carrying the data but not the power.  If you don't feel like taking the unit apart you could have found this problem by testing with an ohmmeter for DC continuity between the appropriate pairs of pins (possibly 1-2 and 3-6 but I have not looked it up).

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Not dropped
In this case, the Rocket was on the mast, fully functioning, and I swapped out the PoE injector for connecting to an EdgeSwitch ES-24-250W.

It seems to have failed at the same time my UAP-AC-LITE failed, after the ES was restarted.
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cable wiring issue?   Are
cable wiring issue?   Are there different POE pin # standards?
Wiring's the same
I had four UBNT devices - A Rocket M2, Rocket M5, NSM2, and a UAP-AC-Lite - plugged in through the stock UBNT PoE injectors. The Rockets and the NSM were on the mast.

The Rocket M5 and the NSM2 are fine. No problems at all. The Rocket M2 and the UAP-AC-LITE went dark after I'd swapped out the PoE injectors on all four devices for an EdgeSwitch ES-24-250W.

The UAP-AC-LITE is *definitely* a blown TVS diode - UBNT's "protection" circuit. The Rocket M2 is different. It powers up and was seen by the NSM2 when I went looking, but no ping, no switch traffic, no MAC, no ARP, no nothing on the wire.
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Most everyone does this:

Most everyone does this:
<img src="">
but there exist older patterns...

Have you guys tried
Have you guys tried connecting at 10Mb/half-duplex? I once had an UBNT device with a bad Ethernet port that only worked when the other side of the link was forced to 10M.

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