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Analog Telephone Adapters

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Analog Telephone Adapters

Anyone have experience or recommendations on using Analog Telephone Adapters on an AREDN network?
Is a VOIP phone preferable?  Recommendations?  Alternate solutions?

Inquiring minds want to know...smiley

VoIP Phones
I have always been a fan of the Cisco SIP Phones SPA942 and the SPA 501 family.  They may not be the cheapest phones, but are good to work with. ATA's will should work fine, but when dialing out, pure SIP phones will work a bit better. (That is based on my VOIP experience, not necessarily on my AREDN experience)
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We use several of the low
We use several of the low cost grandstream HT701 ATAs in the area.   low cost, low power, small footprint for portability, SIP configurable, direct IP dial.  No complaints for the basic VOIP capability for a go-kit purpose.

I'm using a grandstream GXV3000 with video capability at the QTH.

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There is a lot on this subject in the VoIP forum to help you gain information on this.
Jerry W0HU
Linksys PAP2T ATA

Can someone contribute the settings here, or perhaps in a .pdf to use for a PAP2T to be used on mesh for IP dialling?  This unit would be plugged into a lan port on a router.  I am unfamiliar with the myriad things available in the software, but was told that it is fairly easy to set up, beginning from the factory settings.
PAP2T was chosen because it runs on 5vdc is small, and would fit well with all the other the go-kit electronics.

I have used the Grandstream
I have used the Grandstream adapters. They work fine and are simple to use.

I have a Cisco SPA112 on
I have a Cisco SPA112 on  Haven't tried it on AREDN but it makes any cordless phone a VoIP phone.
73, Ian N8IK
Cisco SPA112
I deployed Cisco SPA122's (the SPA112 with a router) and they work very well.  I opted for these due to the T.38 support, as our EOCs require fax support.  They are being used in non-PBX direct-dial mode.  
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Grandstream HT701

I've used Grandstream HT701's in DirectIP dialing (no PBX) for point-to-point links.

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